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Ivor Jeebus in: woot!

Ivor Jeebus in: woot!
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nah. :)

Ivor Jeebus: Annoyed

In an extra special turn of events, I've decided to post the final installation of this week's massive Ivor Jeebus special story (story? bah!) before I was originally going to! It won't happen again, I swear!

Ivor Jeebus in: Voodoo Magik!

Ivor Jeebus in: - Voodoo Magik!
This week we return to normality with Episode 3 of Ivor Jeebus - in a somewhat strange twist to the original plan, a storyline has emerged over multiple episodes, and Ivor gets his revenge!

IJ Guest Episode

This episode, Ivor Jeebus takes over the world, was conceived and drawn by David Wright, and may very well be the first of a series of Saturday guest episodes :). We'll have to wait and see!

Ivor Jeebus 2

Ivor Jeebus - Episode 2
Episode 2 - Ivor Jeebus is here to stay! Enjoy :).

Ivor Jeebus

Ivor Jeebus - (New Comic!) Episode 1
It's new! Perhaps not a bird nor a plane, but Ivor Jeebus is here, and here Ivor Jeebus will stay! Part white ninja, part explodingdog, part Weebl & Bob, but whatever it is it's got to be good for you! Many thanks to Phil the space monkey of god from partylemon for the name "Jebus" (which of course is now Jeebus, to make sure it's pronounced right!).

Tonight, The Stars Revolt!

Tonight, The Stars Revolt - Comic Rendition
A tribute to explodingdog and a frighteningly strange image to boot :).

No Image

Photosuite 94 - Photo Story
Photosuite is a small collection of seemingly random photographs that piece together to form a story about all of us. Think it over :).

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