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I can't believe it's not spronkey.com!

spronkey.com began in 2003 when the domain was purchased and operated as a simple portal for a number of different projects including SpRoNKeY's Portal and SpRoNKLog 2003. From those humble beginnings, spronkey.com has matured into the fully-fledged, content-managed, frequently updated website that you see today - containing reviews, articles, my web log, flash movies, animations, artwork, free software, music - basically everything you could possibly want in a website (well, not quite). Enjoy!

spronkey.com history

1997 - today

Keith "SpRoNKeY" Humm, as I'm known, released my first website in 1997 titled "Hand Of NOD". It was a website dedicated to the (still) phenominally great game, Command & Conquer. From then on, I have released over 30 websites, many total flops, and a few successful sites including my previous personal website, SpRoNKeY's Portal. Unfortunately, due to the excessive demands that updating a large, purely static HTML website brings, I made the decision in January of 2004 to close the SpRoNKeY's Portal project - leaving the website online for archival and entertainment purposes only. In late 2003, spronkey.com was registered and the founding stones of SDC were cemented in digital concrete (well, more like digital quicksand). It began with a bang after the great 5700-signatories-strong petition I managed to conjure up at petitiononline.com, followed by an article ("Catering for the market: Comparing DSL to dial-up"), shot it into an early orbit. I recieved a total of over 200 e-mails regarding DSL and the petition in the space of seven days - a remarkable amount! Too bad Telecom havn't taken much notice of the requests! Ah well...

about Keith

Keith "SpRoNKeY" Humm - firestudio

There's not really much to say about me - I'm a senior high school student, also studying at the University of Canterbury (COSC121/122) and co-founder, co-manager etc. of web business, firestudio. I write articles, I write music, I draw, I make digital art, I play games, I work out - I'm interested in far too many things to list, what more do you want to know?


http://software.spronkey.com coming soon


Spronkware - it's not totally official yet, but it will be soon. Just you wait...

Spronkware is my funky little namemark (that's a poor-man's trademark you know) for my software. At the moment, I'm working on preparing four web-based pieces; Chronolog, Zenerflame CMS, ImageConverter and OnlineCV for distribution online with a free license. Zenerflame CMS is basically a free edition of the soon-to-be-released firestudio flame commercially licensed content management system. Chronolog is a flexible FSD web-logging engine. Both are used at this site. ImageConverter and OnlineCV are part of the propsed spronkey.com online toolset - however these are backburner projects.

Spronkware is also responsible for the "firestudio database 2" (FSDII) flat-file database system which allows for fast (O(log n)) searches, O(1) inserts and O(n/2) deletes for small to medium applications without the need for a separate database server - perfect for weblogs (hence why it is used with Chronolog). A free license for FSDII technology may be available in the future, but due to the popularity of the new SQLite, it's unlikely that this tech will continue to be all that useful.

Copyright © 2003-2004 Keith Humm

My website copyright policy is simple and applies to anything that doesn't have an explicit license or copyright scheme of its own:

Apart from those things, there isn't much else to it. If you take something from my website, please give recognition and a link if possible - I don't mind you taking it at all :). Please don't redistribute my artwork as your own etc. - by all means use it for inspiration, but if you're going to post it somewhere else, include a link to my website.

Contact Information

email.. phone.. not quite ;)

If you want to get in touch with me, you can do so by e-mailing texel at paradise.net.nz. If you're a spam bot, go to hell and die.

If I am in breach of any laws, rules or regulations, or there is content on my website you believe to be unfit for view, I will happily make arrangements for an e-mail only pdf distribution.

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