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Parallel Parking School!

spronkey.com's Parallel Parking School is going to be (soon) a small flash parallel parking game, built with fast and accurate hit-testing. It might take quite some time to develop, considering i've got about eight different projects (and a full load of exams) coming up very soon, but this will be it's progress page for the meanwhile :). Currently i've got fairly basic hit-testing (only against the walls), and the full customisable driving engine :) - Might see this game made into something quite funkeh ;D.
See the current progress below :)

Greatly enough, Panq - producer of the fine PanqPong featured on the spronkey.com front page is also producing a car-related game with some classy hit-testing etc. His, however, is more oriented towards violence and destruction, which is of course, a great thing (in a game - don't get me wrong ;).

Check his car game work-in-progress out here!

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