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Well, do YOU agree with Jeremy?

Friday, August 19 - 2005 at 16:50PM

Episode 5

As this partylemon story explains, Telecom are finally following through with their decision to pull the plug on JSPP, meaning my (now TelstraClear-owned) ISP, paradise.net are culling my connection. If I were to stay with paradise.net, my only connection option would be 2mb/s ADSL with a 10GB/month traffic allowance for a hefty $69.95/month, which is about $7/month more than I'm paying for 128kb/s with 10GB/month (and basically free national traffic). Oh - not only would I be paying more, to get this plan I'd have to move all my calling to TelstraClear and pay an extra $7/month for my phone line. Yeah right, TelstraClear!

I've made the decision to move to InSPire, a Palmerston North-based ISP with excellent service etc. (as shown by this TradeMe user survey). I'll be moving to a 1mbit/s plan with 10GB/month traffic allowance, after which speed is throttled to 64kbit/s, for a measly $55/month, about $7/month less than what I'm paying now. Beat that, TelstraClear! The only bad thing about it is that I lose my paradise e-mail addresses, so divert all email now to keith @t spronkey dot com.

On a side note, Ivor Jeebus Episode 5 is out! You can also use ivor.spronkey.com to go directly to the index :).


Friday, August 19 - 2005 at 16:50PM

Episode 5

As this partylemon story explains, Telecom are finally following through with their decision to pull the plug on JSPP, meaning my (now TelstraClear-owned) ISP, paradise.net are culling my connection. If I were to stay with paradise.net, my only connection option would be 2mb/s ADSL with a 10GB/month traffic allowance for a hefty $69.95/month, which is about $7/month more than I'm paying for 128kb/s with 10GB/month (and basically free national traffic). Oh - not only would I be paying more, to get this plan I'd have to move all my calling to TelstraClear and pay an extra $7/month for my phone line. Yeah right, TelstraClear!

I've made the decision to move to InSPire, a Palmerston North-based ISP with excellent service etc. (as shown by this TradeMe user survey). I'll be moving to a 1mbit/s plan with 10GB/month traffic allowance, after which speed is throttled to 64kbit/s, for a measly $55/month, about $7/month less than what I'm paying now. Beat that, TelstraClear! The only bad thing about it is that I lose my paradise e-mail addresses, so divert all email now to keith @t spronkey dot com.

On a side note, Ivor Jeebus Episode 5 is out! You can also use ivor.spronkey.com to go directly to the index :).


Thursday, August 18 - 2005 at 00:22AM

Episode 3

Firstly, this page WILL (sometime in the near future) be reduced into a flurriful array of weblogging history, but for now...

TODAY IS DOUBLE WHAMMY DAY! That's where I decide to be ridiculously nice and post not one, but two episodes of Ivor Jeebus! Don't count on this happening much, bu Episode 4

Ivor Jeebus decides to play a prank in episode 4, after getting his voodoo revenge in episode 3 for Ted's evil mouthspeak. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me? Not quite; enjoy ;).

Disclaimer: Don't expect me to come up with a storyline spanning three comics again for some time! :P

Happy Birthday Michael ;)

Monday, August 15 - 2005 at 11:12PM

Today's post is a quickie (I'm busy, alright?) to say Happy Birthday to my man Michael Whiteside. He's 19 today, and probably going to get some sort of disturbing present from his girlfriend, but lets not go there. Enjoy being 19, Djinni74-[x3] :P.

On a side note, I have a new (second-hand) Marantz PM25 integrated amplifier and JVC XL-V131 CD player :).

Saturday Special! (Happy Birthday Alice!)

Saturday, August 13 - 2005 at 2:00PM

Guest Episode

I should break right now into a fit of Japanese, because it would be most appropriate given the fact that Today is Alice's birthday (and of course, Alice was once a Jap Buddy of mine, although not since I dropped Japanese for Computer Science. Heh.), so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Alice! I know you will have had a good day because I SMS'd you, so I'll just say that I hope you enjoyed the Yamagen :}.

Also, in the ol' gallery is a new Ivor Jeebus episode, this time it's a guest episode by David Wright entitled "Ivor Jeebus takes over the world"; if you know AYB, you'll get it in a flash. Otherwise you might be struggling :).

Remote Control

Wednesday, August 10 - 2005 at 22:20PM

Episode 2!

Ivor Jeebus Episode 2 is out! See it now, and don't forget to check out all the other comics (including Episode 1) in the gallery!

And yes, I am working on making this page shorter! I have a data cable for my cellphone now, so I'll also have some good pictures to add to new content, so stay tuned!

Ivor Jeebus! (Happy Birthday Bill!)

Tuesday, August 09 - 2005 at 19:50PM

New Comic!

First things first, Happy Birthday to Billy Lin (a.k.a. Bill), who's been a fugitive at large (not really) for over a year now! Hope you're having an awesome day dude!

Secondly, I'm launching today a new comic series featuring the all-new, colour corrected Ivor Jeebus! It's called Ivor Jeebus (ten points to me for title creativity!), and you should definitely check it out. Check it out in the gallery! Hopefully there will be a new episode every few days, with a new subsite dedicated to I.J. for your browsing pleasure :}. Send me feedback and/or ideas!

Co(s)mic Funk

Monday, August 08 - 2005 at 20:21PM

New Comic!

This page is getting extrmely long, and I'm going to do something about that (but not now, sorry =[). This here is just a wee small; you all must see this great superb comic rendition that has been created in a psychology lecture (and later digitised and digitally coloured etc.) - it's on the gallery page, and it's called "Tonight, The Stars Revolt!!!".

Be warned, it's weird. Don't blame me if you let your children see this kind of wacky material and they, as a consequence, start frothing at the mouth or otherwise. This is also no indication as to my current mental state (I am perfectly well, thank you very much!).

Gran Turismo? Indeed. (Happy Birthday Alice!)

Tuesday, July 30 - 2005 at 15:40PM

First things first, Happy Birthday (19th) to Alice Yang! Hope you're having a good time down there Alice! :). Second things second (=]), I'm now somewhat addicted (again) to Gran Turismo (yes, the original GT). Considering my current studies at UC, this may or may not be a good thing.

Gran Turismo cover

Some of us (those who are old enough!) will remember back (to 1998, or 1997 in Japan) the original Gran Turismo launch on Sony's first PlayStation - it was absolutely stunning - no more needs to be said. GT was the finest racing game we had ever seen (and that's taking into account the $2-per-play arcade machines!), and had it all: Beautiful cars, ego-pleasing engine mods, a heart-pumping soundtrack, stunning graphics, incredible realism, massive explosions... Well, it didn't quite have massive explosions, but I'm sure that if Gran Turismo had another feature added, massive explosions would be a likely contender (given the way I drive ;)). The original CD cover (to the right) still manages to instill in me that awe-inspiring feeling so synonymously associated with the 1998 launch, and I've always maintained that the best game in the entire series was the original.

OK, so GT2 had multiplicably more cars, GT3:A-spec had drool-inducing graphics, and the recently-released GT4 is far and away the most refined driver of all time, but [the original] just feels better. The graphics arguably look better than it's PSX successor, and there's just something about driving down the pit straight of Grand Valley Speedway with "Sweet 16" by Feeder blasting out from your high-powered audio equipment. I'm not entirely sure what it is, and I'm tempted to label it "the whole experience", but that's filled with ambiguity and only a few passionate people will have any clue as to what I mean, so I'll just say I LOVE GT!

So, if you don't own GT or a PlayStation, get yourself a console (PSX, PSOne or PS2 will do just fine) and a copy of Gran Turismo (probably about $10 from Trade Me these days), and START DRIVIN'! Don't blame me if your grade point average drops significantly, you get rejected because of your poor hygene or any other conditions you might develop after becoming addicted to Gran Turismo :).

Cheap TV?

Tuesday, July 12 - 2005 at 21:40PM

No, not quite. Today, I committed a sin. Well, not a sin as such - but more a crime. Yes, that's right. I walked into a Dick Smith Electronics store and PURCHASED something. It's not that unusual for me really, but today was different. I drove (slightly above the speed limit to ensure I didn't miss the store's open hours) to the Manchester Street Dick Smith store. But it was for an absolutely unmissable venture, brought to my attention by the one and only Panq.

Four Dollar Tuner!

To the left, you can see my newly acquired beast, and my newly acquired beast's price tag :). I've wanted a TV tuner for a while now, but never been able to really afford one ($75 for a fairly mediocre model is somewhat offputting) - until now. Four measly little dollars. Heck, this little baby was so cheap I even paid in silver! I asked one of the attendants whether he had any of the clearance TV tuners left in stock, and he responded; "Four dollars? At that price they will be long gone!" I didn't particularly like his attitude so I meandered around the store for a while and waited until he had moved his sleazy self away from the counter, at which point I quickly quizzed the other salesperson, asking if he had any "XH6765" in stock?

The answer? "There's one there - it may be out the back. I'll have a look for you."

I would like to personally thank that sales attendant for being elite. I can't help but get the feeling the other guy wanted it for himself, though...
Either way, big kudos to Panq, and to Dick Smith Electronics on Manchester Street for having this last, albeit previously returned, four dollar tuner. Now I've just got to find a replacement infra-red sensor for the remote control, and some way to attach an outside aerial to the house without anybody noticing... Any ideas?

Welcome back, Commander :)

Saturday, July 09 - 2005 at 2:23AM


Thanks to the wonderful folk (Roy, Quiller, the rest) at NeoPages <visit forums>, spronkey.com now has HOSTING! Very nice hosting too.. with PHP, MySQL, 150mb webspace, loads of bandwidth, all for free! If you're in the mood for becoming a top-notch web designer (like me </shameless plug>), check out the forums, build a site and apply for hosting! :) It's the best free hosting around by miles. Miles and miles and miles.

Anyhow, seeing as it's my birthday tomorrow... and I havn't had hosting for almost 6 months, expect to see some major things happening around here very soon - SPRONKware Zener, BlogWare (essentially) is going to arrive sometime, and when it does you can expect more frequent updates of this site, and that whole.. 'integrated' feel we have come to love and expect from content management systems. Yum.

I suppose I should add that I'm currently studying towards a BSc.(Hons) at UC, majoring in COSC. It's going alright (after my initial enrolment woes!), although I am considering alternate study paths (e.g. fine arts) - but we'll see :)


Monday, January 07 - 2005 at 16:13PM


The University of Canterbury (logo featured) has got to have the world's most obscured, unintuivie and downright idiotic enrolment procedure. OK, perhaps not the world's most, but it must certainly rank up there with the most screwed up! For the past TWO MONTHS, I have been trying to get my enrolment sorted so I wouldn't have to come in to the University on those absolutely jam-packed (and by the looks of it even more bloody jam-packed this year than any other) enrolment days and wait in ridiculously long lines on ridiculously hot days.

Anyway, It seems like my wish hasn't been granted, as late last week I was mailed an "Enrolment Fees Invoice" from the UC with two papers on it (MATH115 and STAT111), for the grand sum of $1,276.00. This invoice claimed that: "This student is studying part time towards a B.SC.(Hons) Pre." which is utter lies.
First of all, I'm meant to be enrolled for TEN papers (7 3-point COSC papers and PHYS112 along with the two maths papers), but thanks to the infinite wisdom of UC's enrolment procedure, mixed with the world's most lazy department with absolutely inadequate organisation skills with respect to their students, they've managed to simply ignore approximately 3/4 of my course. Not to mention the fact that they blatantly ignored that on my application I had explicitly stated I was going to be paying with a student loan (but don't get me started on StudyLink, they're nearly as bad!).

Anyway, being the self-proclaimed intelligent young man I am, I decided to ring the University hoping for some advice on how to remedy the problem without going in and filling out course addition forms on enrolment days. The conversation with the operator went something like this:

Me: Hi, I've got a problem with my enrolment - I received an "Enrolment Fees Invoice" last week however only two of my ten papers wer...(interrupted)

UC: Yes that's because they were not approved at the time of printing. You will have been sent either a blue letter or a yellow letter, please read the section on Course Changes.

Me: I'm sorry but I wouldn't be ringing now if I hadn't already read everything I had been sent. I am aware that on the letter it mentions course changes, but I don't want to add or remove anything, I want the courses that I put on my application form to be added to that invoice, so StudyLink can ask you what I am doing, and you can tell them "He's doing ten papers, this will cost this much".

UC: OK, Well Thanks - Bye (Disconnected)

That's a great advertisment for your students, UC. I got hung up on by the operator. Yes, I was being a little smart - but I really don't appreciate being interrupted and treated like a four year old. No, Wait - Doesn't their enrolment system revolve around the fact that students are OLD ENOUGH to organise themselves?. Well obviously that doesn't work - because I've organised myself, and I got nowhere.

I was angry - in fact, I changed my MSN sign in name to "f**k UC are f**ckheads!" (the real words, too) - So I went in to see them.

I arrived to find a long line of people standing in the Enrolments / Course Changes line, waited in line for 15 minutes and finally got to talk to one of the ladies behind the desk. Although she appeared to be more helpful and a slight amount friendlier than the b**ch on the phone, the same message endured:
"Your courses havn't been approved, so the best thing would be to come in on one of the enrolment days and get a new enrolment form. Your courses should be approved by then."
The first thing that hit my mind was along the lines of "WTF if they aren't approved by then!?" but immediately after I found myself saying to the teller "Is there any way to avoid the enrolment days? I came in two MONTHS ago to get my COSC papers approved, and three weeks ago for Physics and Maths. The Maths papers are through!".

The teller's very polite response was to repeat "You'll have to come in on the enrolment days" and proceed to call the next person in line, with me standing there staring angrily at her.

So in my seemingly ever-lasting saga with UC and StudyLink, one thing is seemingly obvious - there's no point in getting things done early, because whatever way you look at it, the system is so ridiculously bad that it is near impossible to avoid the impossible parking and multiple-hour queue waits on enrolment days. GG, UC you wankers!

Coming soon to a spronkey.com near you...

Wednesday, December 22 - 2004 at 19:37PM

Let's face it. Right now, this website sucks. It looks pretty, it has a few scattered pieces of content, but really - it sucks. So, I'm livening things up a bit.

First of all, I'm open to more suggestions, but here are some new things that I plan to add to spronkey.com for a bit of light-hearted funky toe-tappin' action (thanks to Si9mon for the fish and mood button suggestions):

I'm not sure how this one would work, but well, it grabs a random fish from a selection of 50ish, and gives you a random fish for the day :D

Reset weekly, the hate-o-meter would be voted on by all, and give an indication of how much telecom is hated this week.

Many large corporations have spent billions of dollars making supercomputers built for one purpose: weather forecasting. Funnily enough, their accuracy is still close to 70%. Anyway, at spronkey.com, I'm going to give you guys a RANDOM weather forecaster - which has nearly half the accuracy of the 'real thing', but without the billion dollar super number crunching boxes that the proverbial "they" use!

I havn't decided whether or not this button will simply sit there saying "Have a bad day" (or something similar in function) doing nothing, or whether it will generate your mood for the day (remember folks, it's real :P), but it will definitely be included in the next major update.

So there we have it. Please note that for those of you who aren't interested in the fun and games (or at least, are more interested in the vaguely serious stuff), my back-end engine will be finished soon which means much more content and much more frequent updates to all things spronkey.com.

Stay Tuned - 111.2FM (Sorry to those of you who have radios that can receive this frequency :P)

What you really sound like

Saturday, December 18 - 2004 at 01:00

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with the worst feeling in the world.

It's not a nice position to be in - having disjointed relationships with most people you know, but what makes it especially difficult is the fact that everybody has different personas depending on exactly who they are interacting with.

You might shrug this off and say; "Yeah sure, but that's part of friendship", but discovering the multiple personalities of a single person can sometimes bring with it devastating side-effects - loss of friendship, loss of respect, gain of weariness, to name a few possibilities. The worst part, however, is the chain reaction that a discovery like this is highly likely (and almost certain) to initiate.

Once more than one face (metaphorically, of course) of a person has been discovered, it is only a matter of time before your own curiosity and brains get the better of you, and actively searching for these personalities becomes part of your agenda. Whether you want to find them or not, whether you are searching deeply or not, and even to an extent whether they even exist or not are all entirely irrelevant - you will find them once you start looking. You want an answer to whether or not you are being played - you want to know whether or not these people are really who you think they are. Most of all, you want to know exactly where you are on their roadmap, if anywhere at all. Then reality kicks in.

What if you really aren't important to your friends at all - what if everything they say, and everything they do is an act; a lie. Your world turns itself upside down - you're alone, but not only are you alone, you've been played - not necessarily (although possibly) by the people who you interact with, but by yourself. Played by your own mind - cast onto your own Island. You've trapped yourself, locked yourself in your own cell.

So it must be asked; how do you escape from the very cell you designed to keep yourself locked in?

Please tell me the answer.


Wednesday, December 01 - 2004 at 03:40

Well, leavers' dinner 2004 ended last night at around 11pm. It was a sad time, but fortunately for me, my uber-masculine body overpowered my just plain masculine head. For the uninitiated, that means I didn't start balling my eyes out like some. Anyway, I came out of it thinking - I really wish I had another couple of years with all my friends together - and also, that I had to write them all some kind of tribute.

I really don't know how to write a tribute to you guys - It will take me a long, long time and one incredibly large amount of thinking just to begin to write something, so I'm not going to. Well, not right now at least (it's now 3:40am - cripes! It's now 3:41am!!! eek!). I just want to say thank you, to all of you. I really, really, really mean it.

So I guess it boils down to this - I don't have fancy language, I don't need fancy language. I want to write something that is reflective of what you all deserve, and no way can I do that at this early hour. Man, even this is pretty crap... Oh well, I'll do something about it in the later morning.. or night.. or whenever I get some time. Don't forget to ring me and stuff :)


Tuesday, November 25 - 2004 at 21:13

Muwuhahahah. Exams are all but completed! Only Jap Scholarship left to go... Anyway, the verdict so far:

Chemistry: Wasn't a bad exam, except for thermochemistry. Should have done quite well.

ChemSchol: The first NZS2k4 exam - was particularly more difficult than I thought it might be, but there might still be a chance for some sort of mark...

Physics: Harr. For the most part, this exam was great - although I think just as it was in the mock exams, certain explanations might mark everything badbad :(

PhySchol: What a beast. This exam was ridiculously hard - far too hard in fact. I think I answered approximately 1/5th of the entire paper?

Cal-culus: Bitch, Mo, Fo, WAA! The A and M stuff was fine, a bit too much of it maybe, but it was fine (hopefully...). The E stuff was another story. Ridiculously hard! No way could anyone get four E's in Calculus without some sort of miracle.

CalcSchol: Heh, passing is not in this exam's vocabulary, I don't think. Absolutely impossible.

Le Japonais: YAY! I thought I was going to superfail this one with flying colours, but it looks as though I might have done a whole lot better than expected. Vocab study paid off then? :)

This site will start winning when I can get it up properly :P

Now, as many of you know, I HATE "bloggers" - I despise them. In fact, the only reason why this website is functioning similar to a web log is because right now, I havn't got the chronological resources [time] to function this website as a full 'package', so to speak. You see, right now, I'm in the thick of exams, and study is my utmost priority. Then, on top of that, there's also work for my business, firestudio. We've got quite a large amount somewhat-backlogged. The combination of the two means poor SDC gets blatantly ignored.

The good news, however, is that soon I'm going to have to shorten the length of this page, which will prompt me to get back to work on the Zener engine (the future backend to this website). Having that in place will allow uber-frequent updates, comments, more good stuff, spronkWeekly, and lots, lots more MUWUHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Just when you thought it was safe :)

Anyway, Telecom have shafted New Zealand again, according to Bruce Simpson, a trustworthy source of information, the new 2mbit/s DSL plans are great, but not when more than 100 people across the country are using them. I can vouch for that - my measly 128kbit/s DSL connection grinds to a lagging halt at peak times now. Thanks Telecom _b. I encourage you all to e-mail Paul Swain and complain at him.

LCDMania!! :)

Sunday, October 31 - 2004 at 16:56

UPDATE: I've got three 74LCX245M Tri-State Octal Bus Transcievers to use with my LCDs, in other words, everything is going to plan, rather quickly indeed!

Well, for starters, the St Andrews College google top-spot is much harder to get than I had previously anticipated. Google is all about links (which is ridiculously unfair), but even on engines that aren't, SDC is still on the 2nd or 3rd page :(. Ah well.

The main reason for me posting today in between exam study is to announce a new project (that probably won't take shape until after the exams, unless I can find some parts really quickly :D).When this progresses a bit more, I'll give it a project page of its own :). Without further ado, I announce the...


Yeah, that's right. I'm sourcing a few Philips-controlled PCD8544 LCD (found in Nokia 5120s, 3310s etc.) to be controlled via the parallel port on my (coming soon) automobile's MP3 monster machine (there are some issues like 12VDC -> 240VAC conversion I need to overcome first...). Anyway, It's going to sit in my car displaying a spectrum analyzer and song title or something of the like. Looks like I won't have to write much in the way of software, http://www.lcdinfo.com has most of it done already :). Weird, it isn't like me to use someone else's software :|

Don't forget St Andrew's College on Google will be mine!

St Andrews College

Thursday, October 14 - 2004 at 22:25

You've really got to wonder where we get these ideas... well first of all, I've finished my mock exams, which I didn't do particularly well in (but that was sorta expected) and have a lot of work to do, so I probably won't be working on this website much until I finish exams.

Right - now here's the crunch. St Andrews College in Christchurch doesn't have the St Andrews College website at top spot on a search for "St Andrews College" on our famous netbuddy, Google. That's all good and well - but the competition is quite legitimate, damn having a school with a pathetically unUnique name. Anyway, seeing as I managed to get a small article on the (position not available) at St Andrews College to top spot in a search for the St Andrews College (position not available)'s name, I decided that I would contest with a friend for Google's top spot for the search term: "St Andrews College". So, if you hadn't noticed already, the words "St Andrews" and "College" are particularly prominent on this page, relating to, you guessed it, St Andrews College. He has a distinct advantage, given the fact he provides trackback facilities through wordpress, not to mention that these darned bloggers seem to have an entire big network of links between them all, so I'll probably lose - however I'm not too bad with Google rankings usually, so as long as Google favours ye olde plain HTML site, I'm Win! So, next time you're searching for St Andrews College on Google, make sure you tell somebody to link to spronkey.com on their website (not related to St Andrews College, suprisingly enough...). Hopefully if we can scrounge the top few spots at Google, we won't get forcefully removed like previous websites. Anyway, if you're in the looking for an independent high school or college like St Andrews College, check out the St Andrews College website and see what St Andrews has to offer. Yes, I'm aware that I keep punctuating St Andrews College incorrectly, and that it is correctly written as "St. Andrew's College", but hey - this is a keyword competition :P. Either way, St Andrews College will be mine (and partylemon's) on Google. Soon, as well as St Andrews College, we will also command (with Isaac Devine's article on St Andrews College), the top spots on google for a certain person (name suppressed)'s keywords. So, make sure you're all supporting the good cause.

Calculus Death :(

Thursday, October 07 - 2004 at 19:22

Aah the joys of modern maths.. Modern being a few thousand years old, at most.

Today-1 (in other words, Yesterday), I along with a whole bunch of others sat the mock NCEA L3 Calculus exam. Considering my calculus teacher isn't the greatest at explaining things (loses most of the class, most of the time) and my study regime hasn't been as tight as I'd hoped (it takes a lot longer than I had planned for to study a year's worth of work!), I found it rather difficult.

Algebra was alright, because I studied the whole topic beforehand (but didn't do much in the way of Excellence work, which would have been v.beneficial), differentiation was OK, integration and graphs, well.. hah! Those I think I failed well. Anyway, the verdict:

I really need to do more study.

Parallel Parking Game, Calculus Exam :(

Tuesday, October 05 - 2004 at 19:22

Parallel Parking Game!

That sound is usually restricted for use by witches and other evil creatures only, however on rare occasions such as now, wonderful beings such as myself get to use it! Right - what's all this evil fuss about, you ask? Well - I, myself and fortunately not Irene have been working on a Parallel Parking Game, but to top it off, I've decided to put the progress of the aforementioned game online at yeah, you guessed it, you're very own spronkey.com! (Technically it's MY very own but hey - I'll let you think it's yours...)

Many of you may be wondering why this is such a greatly big deal, to which I answer "It isn't, you fools!" (not really, of course - calling my valued viewers fools would be nothing less than foolish, heh) The big deal is that you can track the progress of development of the world's greatest (to be) Parallel Parking game. It'll be fun, honest!

Check it out in the fun section!

This post wouldn't be complete without mentioning tomorrow's calculus mock exam. Sure, it's a mock exam, but I might get run over and break my fingers rendering me unable to write - so it's a little bit important in that regard. Anyway, I'm probably going to fail, considering I havn't learnt anything much all year in calculus, damnit! Good lock to all my classmates, anyway.. hope you all manage to avoid the inevitable doom!


Saturday, October 02 - 2004 at 01:29

spronkey.com springs to life eh? Indeed!

Don't Fear The Reaper

Welcome minions, to the all new spronkey.com - check the pages for all sorts of stuff that's well - good :). I've finally got some content here - including a whole bunch of articles that i've stripped from my other and old websites (new articles will be released regularly once I get into the swing of things too!), not to mention some great flash (or not :S). Yeah, check out the new(ish) Don't Fear The Reaper animation. It's possibly one of the worst, most lacklustre animations in the history of the earth. Why? It took 5 minutes flat, including loading time, to make - Enjoy :)

Be warned though, the best part is the music ;)

spronkey.com photosuite

Thursday, September 30 - 2004 @ some ungodly hour

Photosuite94 - Digitally Broken
Photosuite 94

Yeah, that's right. Everybody's favourite website, SDC has inherited a very small collection of photos as part of an online exhibition called photosuite. Unfortunately, because I'm not the most pronounced photographer among my friends/colleages etc., they would probably label me as some strange, strange person if I asked them to pose for a photoshoot - so this aptly named Photosuite94 (for 9th Month of 2004, original I know :P) is a small collection of seven photos chosen for sentimental significance. If you can work out how they are connected, you're an absolute genius.

Down, Out, and Deleted (update: even more deleted!)

Thursday, September 02 - 2004 @ 10:01PM

The (Name suppressed) (Object suppressed) has been even more deleted, due to requests by (Name suppressed) and (Name Suppressed).

In fact, the only part of this (Oject suppressed) that is now available to anything (even the private - apparently a discretionary e-mail link is unacceptable?)

Seeing as the original and new for that matter (Object suppressed)s are now homeless, I'll have to re-plug my link to my tribute to Keith Toner, an old maths teacher (now tutor) of mine. See that here.

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