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About spronkey.com

SDC is the personal playground and rant of Keith Humm, designer, developer, software engineer, photographer, audiophile, now with first class honours. The author considers PHP to be one of the great wonders of the world, gifted by the gods. He also ponders such worldly things as the woeful inadequacies of CSS and Java, Steve Jobs' Reality Distortion Field, design patterns, all while staring into pixels, tapping keys, and fiddling with CSS properties at TKO and FOX Web solutions. While not earning currency, he can often be found idly absorbing phonographic recordings, drinking caffienated beverages with friends, playing ridiculous multiplayer games, watching entertaining cinematic features, reading insanely good web comics, laughing hysterically at the experimentations of highly paid persons at one of the best websites in the world, and occasionally debating and scheming with fellow HCI experimentists.

If you require my services or would like to chat, feel free to contact me by electronic mail at keith at spronkey dot com